Large Staff & Fleet Communications for Sporting Events & Marathons

Two Way Radios for Sporting Events & Marathons

Sporting events and marathons have their own set of challenges when it comes to communications. Unlike many other types of events, sports require many divergent departments keep in constant contact. With most large events you will need departments ranging from production to security, from medical to management and everything in between, able to reach each other instantly. Also, with events like Marathons, Triathlons, 10k Races, Cancer Walks and so much more, the sheer distance needed to be covered is enormous. In the past, two way radios just didn’t have the range. Those days are over. Fleet Cellular has the solution.



Fleet Cellular Global radios offer effective, easy and powerful communications in an instant and work perfectly in any venues. Do. you need city-wide coverage…no problem. Fleet Cellular Global radios can keep you connected without towers or large repeater systems and the costs involved.

Whether you’d like to rent, or if you like to acquire Fleet Cellular Global radios, we can help.

Fleet Cellular offer solutions for many of your concerns:

  1. Cost:
    Point of entry for two way cellular is substantially less than tower service or a mobile/repeater network.  To properly set up a repeater network or tower costs thousands and requires constant servicing.  Also, the radios are $400-$800 each.  

    Fleet Cellular only requires the acquisition of the phone and a small monthly fee to use the cell network.

  2. Value Packages

Fleet Cellular offers you the opportunity to acquire your own two way cellular radio for as little as $7.00 per month bundled with a standard, 36 month, service agreement. 

Also, all of Fleet Cellular services can be added to your current devices at no additional cost.  Through our app you can turn your smart phone into a two way cellular radio with GPS tracking!

  • Coverage
    Fleet Cellular Radios offer global coverage. Your service is supported by the AT&T network, and your coverage is available wherever AT &T cellular coverage is available, which is globally.
  • GPS

All Fleet Cellular service comes with GPS service.  Along with the service, we offer a online mapping program that allows you to see and track all your users in real time.  

Along with online and desktop versions of the GPS tracking software, there are apps available for both IOS and Android Smart Phones.   You can now track all your staff and vehicles right on your phone.

  • Call Recording

Our monthly service allows you to keep recordings of all your conversations. This is essential for any disputes or conflicts that may arise and can help with HR and management concerns.

  • Tethering

Fleet Cellular offers the option of adding high speed “Hot Spot” technology to your service.  This allows staff “in the field” the ability to connect with your network to process orders, report service issues and stay in touch with headquarters.

  • Many Equipment Options

Fleet Cellular offers a variety of equipment options.  We offer handheld portables for, as little as, $50 with a service agreement.  We also offer a variety of mobile units for vehicles, tablets and more.

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