Fleet Communications Services In The Chicago Metro Area

Fleet Communications Services In The Chicago Metro Area

Real On Call Service 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!  Last Minute Orders Are Our Specialty.  We’re All About Service!

Fleet Cellular delivers to the Chicago area clear, dependable two-way ultra-long range cellular communications. Whether you operate a trucking company, a fleet of buses, a disparate staff of sales people for any business, if you need to communicate, Fleet Cellular can help. We offer communications devices that range from simple to extraordinary. From a basic, two-way cellular handheld radio, to under dash mobile units for trucks and buses, Smartphones, Tablets and more. 

“We’ve been using Fleet Cellular for a while. We’re a property management company and have buildings all over the metro area.  Fleet Cellular helps us reach anyone of our managers instantly. These radios have become our “go to” device”

Steve F.  Sanzari Properties

The Rental Option

Don’t have the money to purchase right now? Fleet Cellular offers money saving rental plans that include your devices, cellular service and the attention to maintenance that keeps your fleet up and connected.

The Fleet Cellular Difference

Our team offers everything you need to handle short-term and long-term wireless communications requirements:

  • Qualified and experienced sales staff
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, full-service rental department
  • 24-hour, on-call repair team
  • Consulting, training, and installation services to keep your equipment operating at 100% efficiency

Fleet Cellular is a Name You Can Trust

We serve your entire region and beyond. Give us a call at 888-213-2974 and ask to speak with our local, representative. They know the market and can help build a personalize solution for your, long distance, communications needs.

A Respected Client List

With long-standing expertise, Fleet Cellular has been providing ultra long distance two-way cellular service to companies ranging from trucking and freight, buses and transportation, to waste management and your “on the road” sales staff. Whether you manage fleets large or small, we can help build your long distance solution.

Contact Us

Our team of dedicated sales, service, and rental professionals are anxious to speak with any company who needs help communicating. Call today at 888-213-2974. We can provide the best long distance communications solutions for you, your fleet manager, and your entire company.

Would you like a quote or more information?

At Fleet Cellular, we understand each company has specific needs. There isn’t a “one fits all” solution. Our representatives are available to help you develop one just for you. 

 If you need more information, call us anytime at 888-213-2954 or you can simply email us here.  In your email, please include:

  • The Name of Your Organization
  • Your Name
  • The Address Of Your Organization
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone Number
  • The Type of Fleet You Have
  • The Size of the Fleet You Need to Connect
  • Services You Are Interested In (Global Connect, GPS, Tethering…)
  • The Dates You Need It
  • Where You Would Like The Equipment Delivered

We are committed to responding to your needs quickly.  Once we receive the request, we will be in contact with you within 15-30 minute