Welcome to Fleet Cellular.

We are the new and exciting solution to all your fleet communications needs. Whether you have 2 vehicles or 2000, Fleet Cellular can help. Do you manage a large sales staff? Are you tired of paying the ridiculous fees and taxes that companies such as Verizon and Sprint charge, or for radio tower service that’s limited and riddled with dead coverage areas?

Fleet Cellular offers instant city wide, state wide and global connection with the push of a button. How do we do it…?

An Old Friend With A New Mission

Fleet Cellular now offers Nextel, one of the most trusted names in business and fleet communications with AT&T Wireless, the largest cellular network in the world. Along with the extraordinary suite of services Nextel has always been known for, AT&T Wireless offers a variety of connectivity solutions that will make keeping in touch with your team not only easier but flawless.

Global Coverage

Welcome to the future!

Fleet Cellular and Nextel now offers your company open channel coverage like a two-way radio and private calling like a direct connect, “push-to-talk” phone all in one unit, without the need for tower rental or city wide repeater service.

Do you have a fleet of truck or bus drivers, sales people, service providers or any widely dispersed staff you need to stay in touch with? Are you a dispatcher, operations or fleet manager? Whether you need city-wide, state-wide or global coverage at the push of a button. Fleet Cellular has your solution.

How Do We Do It?

Fleet Cellular and Nextel has partnered with AT&T Wireless. Nextel & AT&T offers the best cellular coverage available. Whether your communications needs are local, city-wide, statewide or global, Fleet Cellular’s coverage offers instant connections with 4LTE connectivity.

Fleet Cellular Coverage Map


Would it help to be able to know where your fleet or staff members are in real time? Fleet Cellular has your solution.

With Nextel’s real time mapping you can track your fleet on your desk top and an app on your phone. The best part is, our GPS is less expensive, more versatile and easier to track than most permanent GPS services.

GPS Mapping

Texting, Hot Spots and All the Features Your Business Needs…All In One Versatile Phone!

With a wide variety of phones, your choices range from simple two-way global coverage, full cellular, GPS, Hot Spots, Tethering, Texting and even more.

Extraordinary Value

Fleet Cellular offers your company the opportunity to equip your staff with the finest in wireless communications at no cost based on the size requirements of your fleet and the equipment you choose. Your phones can be free with a standard service agreement.

Variety of Coverage Plans

Fleet Cellular offers your company a wireless plan to fit any need. If your company just wants to talk, we can help. Do you need GPS service. No problem, we have a solution. Do you have staff that needs to use their phones for a local hot spot or texting. Just ask…we can help.

Fleet Cellular is here to help. Call our office anytime at 888-213-2974 or you can reach us on email by clicking here.